About Us is the online destination for guys who want to keep evolving.

What does that mean? Good question! For men, being good enough is never
good enough — they want to win in every facet of their lives. Well,
that’s what we’re here to help them do. Whether they want to know how to
excel at work, charm women, score the latest gear and gadgets, or look
their best, we’ll have what they need … sometimes, before they even know
they need it.

Since men don’t like anyone telling them what to do or how to think, doesn’t lecture. Instead, we talk to guys like a buddy
who just happens to possess information about pretty much everything a
man needs to gain an edge. We’re skeptical when something doesn’t smell
right and we’re enthusiastic when we come across something awesome. And
while we never take ourselves too seriously, we’re serious about
providing guys with what they need to be their best.

Enjoy the site. 


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